Six Deep Tech companies making moves in Machine Learning in 2022
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The demand for ‘Machine Learning’ skills is expected to grow by 71 percent over the next five years. As a discipline, it has been cited as the second most sought-after AI job. For this week's deep dive, we take a look at six companies currently hiring in the ML space, the Deep Tech challenges they are trying to solve, and (most importantly) how you can get involved.


(F/H) R&D Machine Learning Engineer

Paris, France

Wandercraft is aiming to restore the ability to stand and walk for people with reduced mobility. To do this, it is utilising robotic technology. 

Atalante is Wandercraft’s next-generation walking exoskeleton that enables paraplegic or hemiplegic people to walk again. Used for locomotor rehabilitation in hospitals, Atalante is the first exoskeleton in the world capable of generating its own balance, without its wearer having to stabilise themselves with crutches.

After raising €40M at the end of 2021, Wandercraft is starting a new phase of international growth and is currently looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to join the team.

Reinforcement learning has shown tremendous successes over the last years and legged robots can start to benefit from these advances. As a member of the Dynamic Walk team, the successful applicant will be developing reinforcement learning algorithms to achieve the extreme walk robustness needed for the personal exoskeleton.

Daily activities include developing simulation tools (C++/Python), improving the reinforcement learning framework, implementing embedded algorithms for the exoskeleton (C++) and brainstorming with the team about ways to improve the control algorithms.

If you want to work in a stimulating environment, solving problems and analysing data then this could be the job for you.

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Principal Machine Learning Engineer

London, UK

Wayve is a company aiming to be the future of self-driving cars by pioneering artificial intelligence software. Its team is the first in the world to use autonomous vehicles on public roads utilising end-to-end deep learning.

Wayve believes that machine learning algorithms learn from experience and that data will allow drivers to be more intelligent and capable of easily adapting to new environments.

The company is a growing start-up building its first cohort of engineers and is currently looking for a Principal Machine Learning Engineer to help in its journey to scale end-to-end neural networks for autonomous driving.

The successful applicant will be working across the research team to build, integrate, test and scale algorithms, tools, and machine learning solutions for autonomous driving. Ideally, they will have several years’ experience working on machine learning algorithms and systems.

If you want to be a part of a team of world-class researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs and help shape the future of autonomous driving then don’t miss this opportunity.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Tampere, Finland

Scandit wants to change the way enterprises and consumers interact with everyday objects. They achieve this by augmenting the physical world with real-time data captured by scanning barcodes and recognising text, objects, and other visual identifiers using smartphones, tablets, wearables, drones and robots.

The company’s mobile data capture platform is built on proprietary computer vision, augmented reality, and machine learning technologies. 

To expand its engineering team, the company is looking for a Machine Learning Engineer who is passionate and has a solid track record. The successful candidate will work on deep learning applications for Scandit’s computer vision pipelines.

Specifically, they will be working with image processing and computer vision specialists to develop algorithms for real-time barcode decoding, text recognition and object detection for robust real-world performance. 

The solutions developed will be running on hundreds of millions of mobile devices on which Scandit’s real-time computer vision products are deployed today.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Stockholm, Sweden

Skyqraft is on a mission to revolutionise the infrastructure inspection market by making it safer, more efficient, and most importantly, sustainable.

Current inspections of power lines are carried out manually in low-flying helicopters. Skyqraft is looking to automate this space by analysing aerial images captured by drones/UAVs, powered by a defect detection system that utilises computer vision.

The company is looking to expand operations across Europe and North America and an opportunity for a Machine Learning Engineer to join this fast-growing team has arisen. 

In this role, the successful candidate will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving existing computing vision models, working on a large variety of datasets to create and optimise cutting-edge computer vision algorithms and building pipelines to automate the trivial parts of Skyqraft’s model development and production life cycle.

If you think you have the drive and talent to execute Skyqraft’s data-driven vision and machine learning quality ambitions, then look no further.

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Senior Machine Learning Engineer


ICEYE builds and operates a commercial constellation of small Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites. Its satellites acquire images of Earth, providing commercial and government partners with persistent monitoring capabilities.

Information from the SAR images helps customers make data-driven decisions to address time-critical challenges in various sectors.

The company has a dedicated Machine Learning team which is part of the analytics department. The team is responsible for developing and deploying full-stack machine learning applications that leverage ICEYE’s imagery and SAR phenomenology to create capability in scaling remote sensing solutions in domains such as deforestation and natural catastrophe.

To support its Machine Learning Centre of Excellence in Luxembourg, ICEYE is currently looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to join the team.

The successful candidate will design and train machine learning models on SAR imagery and other geospatial data. They will propose and implement novel approaches to adapt the most advanced deep architectures and you will use libraries and tools such as PyTorch and Docker in an AWS EC2 environment to create deep learning, containerised applications. 

If you are constantly pondering ways to apply novel new open-source machine learning to unique data sets, then perhaps this is the job for you.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Sheffield, UK

Mindtech has created a software platform designed to accelerate the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions. 

Called Chameleon, the platform enables machine learning engineers to create synthetic images and image sequences with advanced, fully accurate annotation data. This is achieved through an automated, behaviour led simulator, that ensures data is statistically and structurally similar to real world data. This is then used to train AI systems, with a particular focus on human behaviour understanding and recognition.

A wide variety of opportunities are emerging and to meet the demand, Mindtech is looking to expand its product management team.

The successful candidate will help Mindtech understand the customers’ requirements for their computer vision projects and assist in specifying required data for training AI models to customer specifications. They will also help the customer analyse results and make proposals for best practices and enhancing training. 

If you wish to play a vital part in ensuring the success of Mindtech, then why not consider joining the team?

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A world of learning awaits

One of the challenges (and appeals) of machine learning is that it is always advancing. From computer vision to exoskeletons, we’ve barely scratched the surface of possibilities that ML engineers can and will play a vital role.

For more in machine learning, AI, and software; check out our current vacancies from hundreds of Deep Tech Companies.

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