The Ultimate Guide to Starting your Career in Deep Tech
Deep Tech Jobs Staff

STEM professionals have always been captivated by the concepts of Deep Tech.

While the likes of Space tech, electric vehicles, and hyperloops have become household terms thanks to the (not always positive) association with eccentric billionaires, lesser-known companies like Boston Dynamics have enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame thanks to the world’s viral fascination with the dexterity and agility of modern robots. 

Funding sources are expanding. Universities are spinning out startups at exponential rates. Businesses are signing cross-industry partnerships and Deep Tech is ever on the lookout for top talent. 

The EU is even set to ease its IPO rules to attract €45 billion in private Deep Tech funding as part of its new digital innovation strategy. 

Deep Tech has an intrinsic ability to converge multiple disciplines including science, engineering and technology – and bring out the best in each. Perhaps this is why science and tech professionals continue to admire Deep Tech from the outside – but how can you get in?

We’re answering these questions and more with a deep-dive into the science and tech pathways that will lead you to the digital world’s new frontier. 

What Industries Qualify as ‘Deep Tech’?

Deep Tech is a broad term to describe the businesses, technologies and pioneers that are leading the next generation of innovation. But this broadness can be confusing for professionals who want to work on the front line and make a real difference.

Deep Tech encompasses emerging technologies from optimised molecules, clean batteries and blockchain, but biotech, cleantech and web3 are not its only ventures.  

Agtech startups are hoovering up €58 million in funding, the aerospace industry is getting higher than ever before and AI is doing the talking for us

Despite their vast differences, Deep Tech industries all share a common goal: to create impact through technology. 

Consider it as ‘tech for the greater good’. 

Where Can My Tech Skills Take Me in Deep Tech?

Software solutions and code power the internal and external systems, designs and tools behind startups’ innovative ideas.

It is therefore unsurprising that over 50% of Deep Tech companies are primarily looking to hire software professionals.

The role of a software developer is not standard in Deep Tech, and you could become anything, including:

You can expect your daily activities to include:

Software is as broad a field as Deep Tech is. Although exact requirements will vary from job to job, here are typical entry requirements for tech jobs in the Deep Tech domain:

Tech Isn’t for Me – How Can I Apply My Science Skills to Deep Tech?

Much like the evolution of the term ‘Deep Tech’, ‘science’ no longer exclusively encompasses biology, chemistry and physics. Tradition has been overtaken by scientific modelling, product development and multidisciplinary methodologies, applied through job roles that mesh science with tech and engineering, such as:

Your daily activities might look like this:

General requirements for science-based roles in Deep Tech include:

Don’t Underestimate Soft Skills in Deep Tech

Highly specialised disciplines and industries are often associated with academic achievement, qualifications or extensive experience. 

While these are crucial (and sometimes mandatory) aspects to any job role in Deep Tech, it’s important not to underestimate well-developed soft skills.

You will notice the words ‘attention to detail’, ‘analytical’ and ‘solutions-oriented’ cropping up frequently in Deep Tech job adverts. This is because most roles expect you to have the competency and focus to adapt to ambiguous, complex and big problem-solving scenarios. 

Most importantly of all is finding the balance between the ‘dreamer’ and the ‘doer’ sides to your personality – successful Deep Tech professionals have a powerful futuristic vision that is weighed up by their practical, methodical approach to achieving it.

Start Your Career in Deep Tech – Whatever Your Expertise

There is a benefit to the broadness of Deep Tech. 

Whatever your interest, expertise or experience, you will likely find a role that entices and excites you while complimenting your skillset. 

The hardest part is choosing the industry that most captivates you. That’s where we can help.

Explore innovation-driven jobs in science, tech and more to start your career in Deep Tech today. 

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