Why Your Next Role Needs to Be in Deep Tech
Deep Tech Jobs Staff

60% of UK professionals say that career development is an important consideration when exploring new job opportunities.

And for mission-oriented executives – those looking to make the world cleaner, healthier and more intelligent – experience with a Deep Tech company can push them in new ways, whilst fulfilling their higher level needs to do important work.

Deep Tech is hot. According to European venture fund, Atomico, European Deep Tech companies raised more than $20bn in the first 9-months of 2021 and are worth more than €845bn in 2022.

They’re also home to some of the most multi-disciplinary roles in the market, combining different disciplines, skills and industries.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most interesting Deep Tech roles across the UK and Europe to get you started on your search.

Senior Bioinformatics Data Scientists

Where: BenevolentAI
Industry: Biotech
In a nutshell? ‘AI-Inspired drug discovery’

Combining Biotech, AI and ML disciplines, this Senior Bioinformatics Data Scientist role applies bioinformatics techniques to drug discovery by analysing biomedical datasets and other biological, chemical or clinical data.

Daily engagement with software engineering and machine learning teams is critical, and exposure to BigQuery, Kubernetes and other software platforms is important.

This role is all about the team – collaborating effectively between groups focused on other disciplines and providing expertise and support as needed. A great choice if you’re driven towards discovery, not people management.

Senior Battery Design Engineer

Where: Vertical Aerospace
Industry: Mobility Tech
In a nutshell? Turning ‘zero-carbon’ aircraft travel from a dream into reality.

For the mechanically and electrically-minded amongst you, Vertical is an exciting prospect. These guys have combined their backgrounds from aerospace, Formula 1 and the automotive industry to design and deliver breakthrough innovation in sustainable aviation. Senior Battery Design Engineers will be responsible for leading mechanical-related areas of the Vertical’s battery system, working closely with the thermal simulation team and monitoring 2D and 3D drawings.

Relevant talent should have experience in electrical science, mechanical design and battery systems, as well as knowledge of various manufacturing methods like injection moulding, machining, rapid prototyping and drawing control.

Check out Vertical’s prototype the VX4 to understand the current state of the art sustainable aviation industry.

Senior Mechatronics Engineer

Where: CMR Surgical
Industry: Health Tech  
In a nutshell? Surgical robotics.

CMR Surgical is one of the world’s most advanced surgical robotics companies.

Senior Mechatronics Engineers with CMR work with highly complex electromechanical robotic systems.

The company is currently looking for someone to join the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) team – applying robotics knowledge to help decipher root cause problems experienced by customers. This position combines lab work, software development and data analysis. Technical expertise in software, control, electronics and mechanical engineering are important.

Leadership and management are important in this role, making it a strong choice for those who enjoy inspiring others to deliver great work.

With the UK government’s new MedTech Funding Mandate, support for alternative, innovative and efficient medical technologies has never been stronger. Companies like CMR Surgical are in a great position to benefit.

Senior Flight Dynamics Engineer

Where: OneWeb
Industry: Space Tech  
In a nutshell? Delivering global internet coverage for low-orbit satellite systems.

OneWeb is a global communications company looking to provide broadband internet coverage to the world via low-orbit satellite systems.

A Senior Flight Dynamics Engineer will provide real-time flight dynamics support for satellite constellation operations. Important experience for this role includes exposure to orbit analysis tools, various programming languages and previous satellite operations, as is knowledge of manoeuvre planning and flight dynamics processes.

This is a rapidly-changing environment, where first-class communication skills are essential to provide real-time mission support.

Chief Technologist - Irradiated Materials

Where: UK Atomic Energy Authority
Industry: Climate Tech / Energy  
In a nutshell? Nuclear fusion.

The UK has committed to becoming net zero by 2050. In support of this, the UK Atomic Energy Authority is working to deliver nuclear fusion.

The Chief Technologist of Irradiated Materials will lead research and development into fusion, as well as developing new and improved engineering materials. They will also manage the group’s Irradiation-based research programme.

For senior researchers experienced in establishing irradiation campaigns, handling radioactive test samples and developing relevant technical programmes, this could be a highly rewarding move.

The last thing the world needs is another payment app!

If you’re looking to take on some of the most challenging and important roles in the science and technology industries, Deep Tech companies offer great opportunities.

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